Thursday, February 5, 2009

Share one with a friend. Or two.

So, I was watching television the other day and came across a Bud Light beer commercial that i thought was outrageous and extremely inappropriate. As sad as it sounds about 90% of those commercials involve beer and a women, even though I'm not too sure as to what beer and women have to do with each other. There was this commercial I really wanted to write about but as I was looking for it on YouTube i found one that was even more disturbing:

This Guinness commercial is to imitate a woman having sex with three men at the same time. Luckily, short after this commercial came out it was banned from TV.

I think that it's very offensive how in order to make a commercial about beer it has to involve women, sex, or both. Usually these women are all over men who are drinking their beer or are half naked holding it. Do men really think if they drink a certain type of beer it'll make more women want them? It makes no sense to me. Its not like only a couple of commercials are doing this but mostly all of them. At least all of the ones I've seen. I . Not only is it the beer companies doing this but its the same with Red Bull and Axe commercials. If you wear Axe or drink Red Bull you'll have women all over you. How many commercials have you seen where its directed towards women and all it does it try to make you belive that if you wear their product you'll have all the men that you want? I can't think of one.


  1. Sex sells! (Anything) - An old wisdom in advertising.
    What I find disturbing is that a commercial is banned (censored) from TV!

  2. I understand that the freedom of speech and art may be disrupted here by banning the commercial, but I do not believe that we need to degrade humanity this harsh when trying to sell something. Not only is it degrading towards women in that it does not even acknowledge the woman she is just kind of a table a side product but it is also saying that men are massive whores who are willing to share "their" girl with one another at the same time.
    I do understand that the censorship is bad but Guinness did not have to go that low.

  3. i am surprised ( and not convinced) that this was ever aired on american seems very european. the beer gets a little lost with the obvious other distractions..i viewed this a few times and listened to the change in music as the different hands the commercial new it was "naughty" should free speech be sacrificed for "art"....first this would have to be determined to be me it is not, so never mind if it was banned....

  4. Sex sells, yes, but this commercial makes absolutely no sense. Sitting there grabbing a beer off a girl over and over is only showing that the men are drinking it and the girl is just an object to them. I'm not surprised that the commercial was banned.

  5. The commercial has nothing to do with the product. All they are trying to do through this is try to make men think, "If I drink Guiness then I'll get lucky...with two of my other buddies too." It makes no sense to me as to how this commercial would even be able to be put on the air. Yes, sex sells, but does it have to come to degrading a woman by having sex with three men in order to sell the beer? The commercial was completely out of hand.