Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does 311 really stand for KKK?

311 is a popular 90's band that is always asked what 311 actually means. Growing up I've always heard that 311 stood for KKK, the 11 standing for K as the eleventh letter in the alphabet and 3 meaning 3 K's. It's no surprise that I’ve heard this considering that Americans have been consistently fighting the racial battle still to this day in 2009. 311 is constantly interviewed and asked if their name really stands for the Ku Klux Klan. Many times the band has answered with, " a number dictated to me by a higher intelligence", or that "3 minutes and 11 seconds is the perfect length for a song". The media has never believed 311, and always seems to go back to the original KKK rumor. It's no surprise to me that media carries on about this rumor because Americans have become accustom to believing the worst in things rather than the good. I think that media publishers would publish the racial rumor to draw more attention and to have high rates rather than the real explanation. Just like 311, other famous bands and people have to deal with these controversies everyday. It's sad to me that in order to sell a magazine or band, the media has to come up with a negative story about them to get societies attention.

Is women's health getting pushed aside?

"Medical care for most men is one-stop shopping: a trip to a general doctor for a physical examination that includes full preventive care. "

While women always have to go to a specialist to get check ups regularly or for infections, men always can get a quick fix just from down the street. It says in this article from The New York Times that "new studies have shown, with tests like Pap smears are often overlooked, particularly if the doctor is a man." I think a lot of this has to do with a lot of men often being "simple minded", because they can get all of there questions and answers from one person, and they think women do too. Which is not true.

Is women's health not getting the attention it needs? In the article it talks about how many men as well as women find themselves visiting more than one doctor as they age, women's care is decreasingly getting worse from adolescence on. "We favor provision of care by any type of primary care physician, but we feel that none of them right now are trained well in women's health," said Eileen McGrath, executive director of the American Medical Women's Association. I think that this is a recurring problem in the United States and should be fixed.

The article also says that Dr. Lurie and her colleagues at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis surveyed the records of more than 100,000 women and found that female internists and family practitioners performed twice as many Pap tests as their male counterparts and ordered 40 percent more mammograms. This shows that women are more precautious to women health issues than men are. Does this mean you shouldn't go see a male doctor? All doctors are trained the same and learn the same myths about women's bodies, so you may feel more comfortable with a women, but you may not be better off.

So next time you go to your doctor pay close attention to see if you're getting all of the care you need, and make sure you're getting the right treatment because this is a growing problem in society today.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another banned commerical.

Sitting here thinking about what I could write about, I was on YouTube and came across this banned commercial.

This is a commerical for the new Nissan Pathfinder. This whole commerical is a women in a car and all you see is her breasts bouncing. As i keep watching the commercial I noticed that it finally tells you what the commericals for and at the very end in little letters on the bottom you see, "New Nissan PATHFINDER with front independent suspension." What I don't understand about this commerical is why they need to use bouncing breasts for 30 seconds just to tell everyone about their new car? I know when i first saw this commercial I was forced to keep watching to see what this commercial was even for. Even the person who put the commerical on you tube named it "what is this commerical for?". So, the hidden question, who cares? Almost everyone I know watches or has seen TV. Who wants their kids seeing that commercial? I know i don't. Who wants their little boy seeing breasts bouncing for 30 seconds and have little girls think that that's the only way they can have attention? Thanks to commercials like these this is why young girls have so much pressure growing up, not only is it rude, but its deeper than that.