Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another banned commerical.

Sitting here thinking about what I could write about, I was on YouTube and came across this banned commercial.

This is a commerical for the new Nissan Pathfinder. This whole commerical is a women in a car and all you see is her breasts bouncing. As i keep watching the commercial I noticed that it finally tells you what the commericals for and at the very end in little letters on the bottom you see, "New Nissan PATHFINDER with front independent suspension." What I don't understand about this commerical is why they need to use bouncing breasts for 30 seconds just to tell everyone about their new car? I know when i first saw this commercial I was forced to keep watching to see what this commercial was even for. Even the person who put the commerical on you tube named it "what is this commerical for?". So, the hidden question, who cares? Almost everyone I know watches or has seen TV. Who wants their kids seeing that commercial? I know i don't. Who wants their little boy seeing breasts bouncing for 30 seconds and have little girls think that that's the only way they can have attention? Thanks to commercials like these this is why young girls have so much pressure growing up, not only is it rude, but its deeper than that.


  1. I completely agree with what is being said. What is the point in having a women breasts bouncing up and down for an entire commercial when its for a car? They should have a car being shown the entire time, or maybe even a female driving it. This sets a bad example for young girls and even little kids. I'm glad this commercial was banned.

  2. I understand the point of the commercial-- to sell their cars obviously to the male audience by showing, through jiggly boobs, that their car has front end independent suspension. Slight understanding of vehicle suspension lets you know from the beginning pretty much what it would be about. However, I think its very disturbing that they were trying to show this on TV. Under no circumstance do I want to be relaxing and watching TV and see a pair of boobs across my screen bouncing for 30 seconds. The advertisers obviously were advertising their SUV for the male audience, NOT the woman.