Thursday, February 19, 2009

Titties and Beer...


Titties and Beer is a song by Rodney Carrington and I understand this is supposed to be a comedy act but that doesn't change this act from being degrading to women. Women have been objectified for centuries and Rodney Carrington is making a living doing it. With lyrics such as "look at that redheads tits" and " The first gal I tipped was flat as hell but had a nice ass that was sent from God" its hard not to be offended. Personally I see no humor in objectifying women and talking about their bodies as a piece of meat. With a quick look at some of his other songs the content isn't much different. Such hits as " Show Them To Me", "A Beer Is Better Than A Woman", and " Mommas Got Her Boobs Out". Even the titles of his songs are degrading. Rodney Carrington may be a comedian but he is not funny to me.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Has Chris Brown's fame gotten to his head?

I'm sure many of you have heard Chris Brown has been arrested on alleged assault charges. He turned himself in after a warrant was issued for assaulting his well known girlfriend, singer Rhianna. Both cancelled their Grammy performance because Chris Brown would have been arrested on the spot.

It's disgusting that some men feel its acceptable to hit a woman, under no circumstances should a man ever lay a hand in anger on woman. Has Chris Brown lost his mind? Most people should be as disgusted as I am at Chris Brown, that he would do something like this. He is a very popular singer in today's pop culture and this is nothing more than bad publicity for him. This is not a type of action that works in your favor, in fact it turns fans away. People should not be fans of people like Chris Brown whether he likes it or not he is a role model to children all over the world. It is not acceptable for people to think this kind of behavior is alright by any means. This has shown that he either has a very misguided psyche or he really has bought into his own hype and believes he is bigger than law and or morals.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Share one with a friend. Or two.

So, I was watching television the other day and came across a Bud Light beer commercial that i thought was outrageous and extremely inappropriate. As sad as it sounds about 90% of those commercials involve beer and a women, even though I'm not too sure as to what beer and women have to do with each other. There was this commercial I really wanted to write about but as I was looking for it on YouTube i found one that was even more disturbing:

This Guinness commercial is to imitate a woman having sex with three men at the same time. Luckily, short after this commercial came out it was banned from TV.

I think that it's very offensive how in order to make a commercial about beer it has to involve women, sex, or both. Usually these women are all over men who are drinking their beer or are half naked holding it. Do men really think if they drink a certain type of beer it'll make more women want them? It makes no sense to me. Its not like only a couple of commercials are doing this but mostly all of them. At least all of the ones I've seen. I . Not only is it the beer companies doing this but its the same with Red Bull and Axe commercials. If you wear Axe or drink Red Bull you'll have women all over you. How many commercials have you seen where its directed towards women and all it does it try to make you belive that if you wear their product you'll have all the men that you want? I can't think of one.