Thursday, February 12, 2009

Has Chris Brown's fame gotten to his head?

I'm sure many of you have heard Chris Brown has been arrested on alleged assault charges. He turned himself in after a warrant was issued for assaulting his well known girlfriend, singer Rhianna. Both cancelled their Grammy performance because Chris Brown would have been arrested on the spot.

It's disgusting that some men feel its acceptable to hit a woman, under no circumstances should a man ever lay a hand in anger on woman. Has Chris Brown lost his mind? Most people should be as disgusted as I am at Chris Brown, that he would do something like this. He is a very popular singer in today's pop culture and this is nothing more than bad publicity for him. This is not a type of action that works in your favor, in fact it turns fans away. People should not be fans of people like Chris Brown whether he likes it or not he is a role model to children all over the world. It is not acceptable for people to think this kind of behavior is alright by any means. This has shown that he either has a very misguided psyche or he really has bought into his own hype and believes he is bigger than law and or morals.


  1. I am as outraged and disguised by Chris Brown’s recent behavior as you. Domestic Violence is one of the world’s biggest social problems today. Here are just a few stats from the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s website, On average more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends daily. Violence against women cost companies $72.8 million yearly due to lost productivity. One and Three women world-wide have been mentally, sexual or physically abused in their lifetime. There are many more stats on Domestic Violence on this site and some great education about this topic. I’m not sure if Chris Brown should be held to a higher standard because he is a celebrity but he should be held accountable for his actions and we should stand up against him personally by not supporting his career and buying his music.
    As Jackson Katz has stated, men are responsible for about 90% of the violence. Men gain control and power using abuse toward women. We, as women, do need to take a strong stand against Domestic Violence and help reeducate men about this issue and open their eyes to the encompassing effects of Domestic Violence.

  2. I agree completely with both of you. Not only is the domestic violence level just completely out of control, so are the celebrities. No one seems to understand just how big of an impact their own actions have on others. I guarantee that a child exposed to abuse, and taught that it is acceptable, is going to grow up to become an abuser themselves. There don't seem to be enough positive role models anywhere. Lets see, our last president was an idiot, the disney channels biggest stars wind up in naughty pictures on the internet. And in fact i think that there is a disney channel star who did a playboy shoot. There is no such thing as a role model anymore, and its positively disgusting. Shame on Chris Brown. Shame on the media. something must be done.

  3. I do also agree with most of this. It is certainly not okay in any situation for a man to lay his hand on a girl no matter what the circumstance is. But, i think because he is so well-known and no one see's him doing anything like this, not many people are paying attention to it as people would like. He is a role model to kids who don't understand the harm he caused Rhianna, so fans still look up to him since he's so popular.

  4. What Chris Brown did to Rhianna was both ignorant and childish. If you were to put him in a jail cell, it would be a guaruntee that he would never do to his 6 foot 3 350lb cell mate Bubba what he did to Rhianna. Abuse of any kind is uncalled for and should land anyone, celebrity or not, straight into jail without bond. The pictures released of Rhianna showed the evidence. He still is pleading not-guilty. How can America's justice system allow a criminal like Chris Brown still walk around on the streets as if nothing happened? I hope that when it comes time for court, justice prevails.