Wednesday, April 15, 2009


 I was on the ELLE news blog and came across Erin Clements new blog: LINDSAY "SEARCHING FOR LOVE".  In this blog Clements shows Lindsay Lohan "poking fun at herself in this Funny or Die spoof of an eHarmony personal ad, after her tumultuous split with Sam Ronson. "

Since the break up between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, Lohans been all over the covers of magazines and is the head news of talk shows and websites.  In this eHarmony personal ad Lohan makes fun of herself about what seems to be the talk of the nation, Lohan being extremely alone, depressed and heartbroken. According to the ad Lohan seeks a mate who "likes a night out on the town (as long as he or she is driving), likes ankle monitoring bracelets, and doesn't have family members quick to issue restraining orders." I think it's very healthy for Lohan to make fun of herself  and to show the public that she's just a 22 year old girl who's heartbroken.  I don't agree with publicity being on her case all the time along with other actresses.  I know a lot of people that feel the same way yet we all still buy the magazines that hit these topics and read the articles.  I know a lot of people that "hate drama" but why do we all like the drama in other peoples lives? I think that even though these people are famous that doesn't mean we should be monitoring  their lives 24/7. They have drama and issues just like everybody else, but when it's them and not us everyone seems to find it funny and make it 10 times worse than it really is.


  1. Im glad that Lindsay Lohan is able to make fun of herself in the situation. She is constantly judged from being a little innocent girl when she was younger, to constantly getting in trouble. She is still very young and having people watching your every move day by day and hour by hour would not be fun. You wouldn't like someone pointing out your faults all the time and people making rumors up about you. People need to realize drama will always be around and the more advertising they make of it, causes a bigger problem.

  2. I think it's great that Lindsay Lohan is able to make fun of herself and her heartbreak. Because society and todays teens look up to celebrities, for a reason I'm unsure of, her showing that life will continue and you just have to laugh about it can encourage teens and women to be able to accept things that happen and laugh about it. She has changed her publicity from anorexia, a negative image to her viewers, to a joke about heartbreak, a very positive image to her viewers.

  3. I think its sad that Linsay Lohan's life just seems to have gone down hill. I remember her when she was in the Parent Trap, and she seemed such a great kid. But her life has appeared to change and the media loves to tell Lohan stories. But i think all these stories of her are getting old.